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You may have thought that it is time for your office to get cleaned. Perhaps, you have saved that task for later since this job is somewhat uncomfortable, but you think that it is time to get it done.

You may also think that this cleaning task can be carried out by a professional team from a cleaning company. However, they cannot take care of tidying up your desk, files, and furniture in your building.

Therefore, in this article, we want to show you what is the spring cleaning checklist for your office created by our professionals so that you and your team can give your facilities an improved appearance. In this way, you will have a pleasant workspace and in favor of productivity.

But what benefits can a clean and tidy office have and how can this help you? Here we share what are the main benefits.

4 Benefits of a Clean Office

Take care of employees' health: It is normal to find people who suffer from respiratory diseases and having a dirty office can affect the health of these people.

Also, by cleaning your building you can avoid germs and bacteria that can cause other illnesses that take away the peace of your employees.

Improves productivity:

According to studies, it is shown that disorder influences the productivity of a company. This is because employees waste time trying to find documents while causing deconcentration.

And deconcentration prevents employees from spending time on important tasks.

Give a professional impression to your clients:

If you keep your workplace clean and organized, it helps you make a good impression of your company. In this way, you show your employees and clients the respect they deserve, reflecting the values and professionalism of your work.

Avoid stress:

When you have a disorganized workspace, the brain feels saturated by the large number of things to order, causing it to have to process several things at the same time, causing stress. This decreases the productivity of the work. Therefore, a clean office is a space in which ideas flow.


As you see, keeping your office clean helps you… Here's the Spring Cleaning Checklist for having a clean and renovated office:

But before starting, keep this in mind before you start cleaning your office… 1f9d0 - Spring cleaning checklist made by professionals to clean your office


Get motivated:

Normally, you think that cleaning your office is hard work that you can put off, but the longer you allow it to pass, the dirt will accumulate and that can have consequences for the health of your employees and the proper functioning of your appliances.

So to get started on that task, start by giving yourself some motivation by imagining what you would like your office to look like once it is clean and tidy. Imagine how a new order can inspire your team and be more productive. 1f609 - Spring cleaning checklist made by professionals to clean your office

Reward yourself:

Another way to start spring cleaning for your office is to think of a reward. Choose the award you want to give yourself once you are done. It can be a new art picture for the wall, a statuette, or a fish tank.

Think of something that you or your team like to give a new environment to your company. 1f389 - Spring cleaning checklist made by professionals to clean your office

Divide cleaning by rooms and sections:

Avoid getting saturated, don't see all the clutter as endless. Start by choosing a room and then a section that could be your desk, followed by the library, the files section, and all the way to the last corner. Do the same for every room in your company.

Keep up with the clutter:

Keep in mind that, once you have finished cleaning your business in the spring, the important thing is to continue to maintain order and clean regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt and things that you will not need.


Ok, you are ready! 1f44c - Spring cleaning checklist made by professionals to clean your office Now, get started by following this step by step:


Workspaces 1f4bb - Spring cleaning checklist made by professionals to clean your office

These are the spaces in your company that you should pay the most attention to when cleaning. This is where ideas are executed and productivity is generated, so keeping these spaces free of grime and clutter should be your priority.

Start at the desk:

This should only be the items that you usually use regularly such as the computer, your notebook, etc. Once you have them organized, try to have a shelf to put them there separated by files or folders, away from your desk.

Find a place for supplies:

Other supplies such as pens, whiteboard markers, staples, post-its, blank sheets, and others, can have their own space within everyone's reach. This way you won't have to put them on your desk.

Clean surfaces:

How that you have everything in order, you can start cleaning. Clean the surfaces of tables, chairs, and other furniture with disinfectant towels. Open the drawers and dust with a feather duster and then wipe with damp cloths.

Clean your computer:

Clean your computer screen and keyboard with microfiber cloths lightly moistened with cleaning fluid (don't forget to turn it off and disconnect the cables first). A lot of dust can collect under your desk, dirtying your computer cables. For cleaning also use microfiber cloths and cleaning fluid.

Then join them with cable ties. You will see how it improves the order under your desk.

Clean the floors:

You can do it yourself for cleaning the floors. But if you want to avoid this arduous task, you can hire a commercial cleaning company. These companies know how to do deep cleaning and waxing floors that make your eyes shine, just like Star Building Services does.

Virtual cleaning: 

Looking at your computer screen and finding a desktop full of scattered icons is stressful. Start there, remove those file icons you don't need, and organize the ones you do by folders. The cleaner your desktop, the easier it will be for you to find your documents.

In your email account, do a cleanup by deleting unnecessary emails, save the others divided by labels, and finally, take time to reply to all the emails you need to reply to. Do not leave pending for later that you can forget


Meeting room 1f4fd - Spring cleaning checklist made by professionals to clean your office

Meeting rooms are a space where several people share at the same time, that is why it is important to keep it clean, as there are so many people together, germs can accumulate and be contagious.

A clean meeting room allows ideas to flow quickly.

  • Clean and disinfect table and chair surfaces with disinfectant towels
  • Then, take care of cleaning the electronic devices such as the video beam, controls, and others, with microfiber cloths and lightly moistened with cleaning liquid. Don't forget to turn them off and unplug them first.
  • Finally, clean the board with a solution. Verify that the whiteboard markers still have a touch otherwise, replace them with new ones. Try to leave this space clean and in order. Your team will appreciate it.


Dining room 1f372 - Spring cleaning checklist made by professionals to clean your office

This can be the dirtiest room if you don't have a maid to clean it regularly. To keep this space free of food stains and odors, a good idea would be to stick notes with a reminder to everyone to remember to clean the surfaces that are soiling.

  • Throw out expired food from the refrigerator.
  • With the moistened microfiber cloths, clean the inside and outside of the microwave and refrigerator, wash the coffee maker and other appliances.
  • Clean and disinfect table and chair surfaces
  • Clean the kitchen counter with stain remover.


In Conclusion

We have created this checklist so that you can start an office spring cleaning easily and neatly. It does not have to be a complicated task if you apply the step-by-step that we have shared with you.

However, if you want to feel and want your Houston office to be a bright place, you can hire a professional cleaning company.

We can help you! 1f4aa - Spring cleaning checklist made by professionals to clean your office

What are you waiting for to leave your office areas clean?

We're just a call or click away from providing you with a commercial cleaning experience you're sure to love.

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