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"Helping those in need is not only part of duty, but happiness"

Thanks to the trust of our clients, the commitment of our employees and the training of the entire Star Building Services team, our company has grown over the years.

And we want to thank you for this by offering our contribution to the growth and improvement of society.

To do this, each year we deliver economic benefits that are invested in Housing, Study, Sports and more for mothers and children in need in the United States, Colombia (our country of origin), Central America, and hopefully many more countries around the world.

Below, we share the non-profit entities with which we have collaborated to make many smiles 1f603 - Social Work:

Helping mothers with few resources to improve their homes in Houston

We were part of important social work with a group of Houston companies, with the help of the She Is The Builder organization that works together with Habitat For Humanity, we make donations for low-income women heads of household who need help to build and improve their homes.


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Contributing to promoting education and sports for the children of La Guajira, Colombia

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Hand in hand with Amor y Voluntad and Por El País, we contributed to the delivery of approximately 134 school kits, including logistics and event planning expenses for the delivery of the kits.

Solar lamps will be purchased with the resources collected to illuminate the soccer field.

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United with MEB Corporation, we helped children in the Peruvian Amazon

Star Building Services teamed up with MEB to help children and youth in the Peruvian Amazon with food and medical care. 1f450 - Social Work