It is the process by means of which a restaurant must be sanitized and disinfected to avoid the spread of diseases and infections in the diners and work team.

This cleaning must be done periodically, eliminating dust, dirt, bacteria and viruses on surfaces such as tables, chairs, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens and utensils that guarantee the safety of all.

Star Building Services offers an ideal kitchen and restaurant cleaning service for all sizes in Houston & Dallas.


    Cleaning Services for Restaurants

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    Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service

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    Why Choose Us As Your Restaurant Cleaning Company?

    • One of our specialties is the restaurant industry
    • Because we have the right tools to perform this task efficiently (specialized cleaning equipment)
    • We have excellent references from 100% satisfied customers
    • We are a company specialized in commercial cleaning services with more than 12 years of experience.
    • Our staff is professional cleaners with ethics and experience.
    • We are a reliable and certified trading company (We are BBB Certified Company).
    • We have high availability. We attend to cleaning emergencies 24/7.

    We provide a complete service for each area of your restaurant and that adjusts to your needs:

    What Does The Restaurant Cleaning Service Include For The Entire Area?

    • Cleaning the light fixtures and replacing bulbs if needed.
    • Clean all surfaces, floors, and furniture in the dining and bar areas.
    • We also offer Pressure Washing Services for the exterior of your restaurant and the parking area of your business.
    • Detail all woodworks and clean all glass surfaces and mirrors
    • Detail clean all walls, high ledges
    • Dust all light fixtures and air ducts
    • Dust baseboards, plug covers, and light switches
    • Clean and mop all types of floors and tiles
    • Detail cleaning of all window silts and frames.
    • Polish all stainless steel and plumbing fixtures
    • Wash and shine countertops
    • Vacuum and wipe down all cabinets, drawers, and shelves
    • Vacuum all carpeted areas
    • Machine clean all tile floors and seal
    • Clean and disinfect toilets
    • Wash walls, partitions, and doors
    • Clean telephones and dust office machines

    What Does The Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Service Include?

    • Clean and polish all metal surfaces, including chrome, brass, and stainless steel.
    • Clean all appliances, hoods and vents
    • Clean all appliances including tight spots in your kitchen that are sometimes missed in general cleaning.
    • We will clean all drains and sinks

    What Does The Bar Zone Cleaning Service Include?

    • Vacuum Bar cover and shelves
    • Cleaning Tables and Bar Chairs
    • Table Decorations Cleaning
    • Bathroom disinfection
    • cleaning and polishing soda guns
    • Cleaning and polishing floors

    Restaurant Deep Cleaning Service

    Our professional crew is meticulous that will clean the kitchen area from top to bottom.  These services are top-notch and we will keep your restaurant dining, kitchen, and bar area clean for your next inspection visit.

    We do a regular pre or post-inspection so you can be sure we make your restaurant looks good and ready, down to the last detail of cleaning.

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    How Often A Restaurant Should Be Cleaned?


    Todo lo que son los utensilios de cocina, platos, parrillas, hornos freidoras. Además, se debe desinfectar las superficies como mesas, paredes, trapos y toallas que se usan a diario. Sin olvidar, por supuesto, sacar la basura.


    Hacer una limpieza de ventanas, hornos, neveras, cafeteras, aparatos electrónicos y  grandes artefactos, que se encuentren presentes en las áreas de su restaurante (Salón, Bar, Cocina). 


    Se hace una limpieza profunda para eliminar la grasa que se presenta por las actividades de la cocina en las paredes, los techos y otras superficies que suelen engrasarse. También es importante llegar a los detalles de limpieza tales como juntas de baldosas, blanqueamiento de las superficies en cerámica, etc.

    Benefits Of Restaurant Cleaning

    Eat without interruptions: There is nothing more annoying than eating while listening to cleaning noises. This makes your clients uncomfortable and they won't be able to enjoy their moment.

    You can hire a professional cleaning company to accommodate your closing hours.

    Attractive spaces: You must make sure that you have each space in your restaurant attractive so that your customers, who are the reason for being, have a good experience.

    If you succeed, they will return to your restaurant.

    To achieve attractive spaces, of course, they must be clean and bright.

    Less stress: The work of a restaurant demands many tasks, and cleaning should not be something you have to worry about.

    The fewer tasks you have to do, the fluency will be reflected in giving a good service. Hiring a specialized cleaning company will help make this a reality.

    When hiring us, we take care of analyzing your dirty areas. Then we do the deep cleaning of your restaurant until it is completely clean to protect your customers and work team.

    We provide the best Restaurant Cleaning Services in Greater Houston Area, Dallas, Austin, and Texas Valley. 


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