Post Construction Cleaning Services In Houston & Dallas

post construction cleaning services houston - Post Construction Cleaning
Post construction cleaning houston and dallas - Post Construction Cleaning

Get rid of debris so your building starts producing

Completing any construction project, big or small, is sure to make a sizeable mess. The cleanup of debris, materials or toxic products can be overwhelming and this should not be a stressful task for the construction company.

Calling in construction site cleanup professionals is the only way you can be 100% certain that your building is impeccable for the care of the health of the employees and thus your business focuses on producing and prospering. 

Star Building Services is committed to providing top-of-the-line and professional post-construction cleaning services for the Greater Houston Area & Dallas that will leave your building clean and free of dust so that the move is not a problem.

Our professionals have the tools required for effective cleaning. In addition, we know the importance and how the different surfaces should be cleaned with the appropriate supplements so that their application does not damage the materials.

 This way we guarantee that your commercial building is totally clean and comfortable.


    Construction Cleanup Services That Meet Your Needs

    Regardless of the size of your project, our cleaning services are customizable. We adjust a cleaning plan with schedules and tasks according to your needs without any problem.

    In addition, as a company specializing in cleaning, you have a complete service that goes beyond collecting debris and removing dust with us. You can choose (or select all if you need) among the different tasks we offer.

    Post-Construction Clean Up Tasks

    • Garbage and debris removal
    • Packaging tape and plastic removal
    • Light paint removal
    • Ceramic tile cleaning
    • Hardwood floor cleaning
    • Carpet extraction cleaning
    • Cabinets drawers and devices dusting
    • Tops and sides of doors dusting
    • Water Extraction
    • Spot Cleaning
    • Dry Cleaning
    • Floor Stripping and Waxing
    • Restroom Sanitization
    • Window Washing
    • Power Washing
    • High Dusting
    • Light Fixtures Cleaning
    • Grates and Vents Dusting 
    • Complete Shelf Cleaning
    • Thoroughly Cleaning of Tables and Chairs

    Stages Of Our Post-Construction Cleaning Service

    1. Heavy Cleaning

    After the final construction work is completed, garbage and debris are removed. Also included is removing decals from walls, glass, doors, and windows.

    1. Light and deep cleaning

    This is the stage in which more effort is put in by the entire cleaning team and where all the tools are used to do a deep cleaning of all the rooms such as bathrooms, FOH, BOH, kitchen and others, and where the cleaning of windows, sinks, toilets, drawers, counters, and other elements.

    The areas where the decals were removed are also cleaned by removing glue and dust.

    1. Final cleaning

    This final stage is carried out in the last days of the cleaning plan since, in the previous days, the dust continues to circulate and then increases. Here a touch-up cleaning is done to finish removing the dust and stains left by the construction. Thus, we leave all the spaces impeccable and you can proceed with the move.

    Post-construction cleanup is effortful, time-consuming, and requires a leader to manage this time-consuming task.

    The contractor does not have to worry about this, he can safely hand over the keys once they have a specialized cleaning team such as Star Building Services.


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