Floor Strip And Floor Wax Services Houston & Dallas

floor strip and wax houston - Strip and Floor Wax Services Houston
floor strip and wax houston and dallas - Strip and Floor Wax Services Houston

Shiny floors that increase the value of your company

Floor Strip and Floor Wax Services by Star Building Services in Houston & Dallas, Texas. Have your floors sparkle and shine when you choose us. We use only quality products to give your floors a deep, gorgeous clean that you can be proud of.

When it comes to your floors, our professional floor stripping and waxing team has the most complete service in all of Houston & Dallas to help bring a shine to your floors that you'll absolutely love.


    We Offer Commercial Floor Cleaning Services In The Greater Houston & Dallas Areas For:

    • Retail Stores
    • Office Buildings
    • Medical Facilities
    • Educational Facilities, College Campuses, Gyms, child care facilities
    • Government Buildings
    • Religious Facilities and Places of Worship
    • Restaurants

    Providing A Full Range Of Floor Strip And Floor Wax Services That Includes:

    • Floor Stripping and Waxing
    • Deep soil extraction
    • Ceramic tile cleaning
    • Marble floor cleaning
    • Hardwood floor cleaning
    • Grout Cleaning
    • Spot Cleaning
    • Dry Buff Cleaning
    • Restroom Sanitization
    • Power Washing
    • Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual programs available!


    Why Choose Us As Your Floor Stripping And Waxing Company In Houston & Dallas?

    Our Professional Team has plenty of experience in floor stripping and waxing, tile cleaning, granite, marble, terrazzo, and wood; we can put a shine on your commercial floors, so they can look beautiful to your employees or customers.

    Also because ...

    • We have the right tools to perform this task efficiently (specialized cleaning equipment)
    • We have excellent references from 100% satisfied customers
    • We are a company specialized in commercial cleaning services with more than 13 years of experience.
    • Our staff is professional cleaners with ethics and experience.
    • We are a reliable and certified trading company (We are BBB Certified Company).
    • We have high availability. We attend to cleaning emergencies 24/7.
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    Benefits Of Floor Stripping And Waxing:

    Maintains Cleanliness: A commercial building tends to have more human traffic, so its floors are more likely to get dirty. If it is a restaurant, even more, it will get dirty with food scraps, fats, etc.

    Stripping and waxing your floors with trained personnel gives a professional appearance to your company or business.

    Keep Dust Away: Dust makes a floor slippery, this can lead to accidents for your employees or customers, and this is the last thing you want to happen.

    So by hiring a commercial cleaning company to wax and strip your facility's floor, dust won't settle on your floors, providing safety for people on the move.

    Avoid Moisture: Moisture can be your floor's worst enemy because it can rot, cause stains, mold, and also allow tiles to warp, causing costly damage.

    Stripping done by a professional team will help keep moisture away from your floors.

    Avoid and Protect Against Scratches: It is normal that over time and with the high traffic of people, your floor begins to look affected by marks and scratches.

    Do not think that if this happens it is time to replace the tiles because it can be expensive. Instead, think about hiring a stripping and dressing company normally to get rid of and avoid those scratches.

    Remove and Avoid Stains and Dullness: If you do not give your floor the protection it needs regularly, it can start to stain and become opaque, reducing the life of the tiles and giving them a bad appearance.

    Stripping and Waxing floors help remove these stains and also helps prevent them.

    When hiring us, we take care of analyzing your areas of need. Then we do the deep cleaning of your company's floor until it is completely clean to protect your customers, staff and building longevity.

    We provide the best Floor Strip And Floor Wax Services in Greater Houston Area, Dallas, Austin, and Texas Valley.


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