Providing shine and durability to your floors with low-cost maintenance

* Save Time and Money on floor maintenance. With polished concrete, you do not need to apply wax since the shine is maintained for a long time.

* Polished concrete gives your floors a layer of protection from peeling or moisture damage.

* The concrete polishing process is friendly to the environment. Products dangerous to health are not used.

* This process leaves the floors shiny but without being slippery, unlike other techniques. Which meets OSHA standards.

* Our policy is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, which makes us your best option.

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    We Are A Trustworthy Company With Recognition And Certifications.

    We are recognized as one of the top 5 best janitorial companies in Houston, Texas,  according to Houston Business Journal.

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    What type of Polished Concrete can you choose as a result?

    Polished to a matte finish to soften the shine of floors.

    Mirror finish to increase brightness and light reflectivity on floors.

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    Why choose us as your Concrete Polishing Contractor?

    Star Building Services has more than 15 years of experience providing security to the commercial sector by delivering professional cleaning services, achieving the total satisfaction of many businesses.

    Our concrete polishing service is the best solution to give floors more excellent durability and protection, with the latest technology that more and more managers choose.

    Concrete floor polishing saves time and costs in maintenance or constant wax application.

    Give your facility a classy look and inspire your employees and customers with concrete polishing!

    This is What Our Clients Say About Our Services:

    Lifepath Church

    Great cleaning company! Wonderful service and communication is top notch. We have used several companies in the past and Star Building Services is by far the best.

    Carlos Rubi

    Best services for comercial cleaning. I recommend their services without hesitation. Their management is great and their turn around time is satisfactory. I have used many companies in the past but by far this is the best one.

    Chris Jobes

    Very responsive and consistent service. Been using them for 2 years.

    Syed Hadi Jaffery

    I am using Star for janitorial services at a large child care center. They did a deep clean before beginning a 3 day janitorial service. They also did a stripe and wax for the tile flooring. There were some hiccups as we got started and I would encourage to discuss expectations a few times over with the owner, management and cleaning crew, but overall I would recommend this company to use and have rated them as 5 stars due to my satisfaction with the cleanliness of my center.

    Sebastian Gonzalez

    Great service, requested a quote came out the same day and received my estimate. Once scheduled , employees were very professional and did a great job on the floors. Our floors haven’t looked this good in years!!

    AKILES 789

    I hired Star building Services for a Post Construction Clean up and they did an awsome job. Great service, professional crew. If you need a great company you can trust, they are the team you need.

    Miriam Rosen

    We hired Star Building Service to complete a deep cleaning of our restaurant kitchen. They came on time and did a thourough job. We will definitely use this service again and will recommend this company.

    Heather Davis

    Star building services has been excellent to work with. They are very professional, personable, and do great work. They kept my business clean for years and have always been very easy to deal with. I would highly recommend them.

    Trey Edwards

    We have had a great experience with Star Building Services over the last glide years. They have provided a much higher quality service than others that we have used in the past. Bonnie is phenomenal! Quick, attentive, and eager to solve any needs that we have.

    Cathi Hohlt

    Star Building Services has done wonders with our weekly office cleaning. We are always pleased with Bonnie's quick personal responses. They are easy to work with and always do a good job. Thanks for keep us clean!!


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