Church Cleaning Services in Houston & Dallas

Church cleaning services - Church Cleaning Services in Houston
Church cleaning services in houston - Church Cleaning Services in Houston

Cleaning in the sacred places for the tranquility of its parishioners

We pride ourselves in providing church cleaning services to the highest standards. We have an experienced church cleaning crew ready to tackle the project and satisfy you and your congregation, providing services in The Greater Houston Area, Dallas, Austin, and Texas Valley.

Our commitment to cost-effective and efficient services, plus the flexibility to schedule cleaning solutions help us provide exceptional services to many churches in the Houston & Dallas area, making us one of the leading cleaning companies in the metropolitan area.


    Custom Religious Facility Cleaning Services

    Every church cleaning project is different, so we can customize our plan to include basic and in-depth tasks based on your wants and needs. We value our integrity and incorporate it into every part of our cleaning services, from consultation to review of our work.

    What Our Church Janitorial Services Include

    Each church and house of worship cleaning service we provide includes tasks for each area of your religious facility without leaving any dirty spaces. These tasks are:

    • Deep Soil Extraction
    • Ceramic tile cleaning and scrubbing
    • Carpet Extraction
    • Windows Washing
    • Hardwood Floor Cleaning
    • Vacuuming
    • Power Washing
    • Floor Stripping and Waxing
    • High Dusting 
    • Restroom Sanitization

    Why Choose Us As Your Church Cleaning Company In Houston & Dallas

    Church cleaning services houston - Church Cleaning Services in Houston

    At Star Building Services, we know that churches and other religious buildings operate at varying hours.

    For this reason, we offer service with flexible hours so that you can schedule cleaning when you most want or need it.

    Also because ...

    • We have the right tools to perform this task efficiently (specialized cleaning equipment)
    • We have excellent references from 100% satisfied customers
    • We are a company specializing in commercial cleaning services with more than 13 years of experience.
    • Our staff is professional cleaners with ethics and experience.
    • We are a reliable and certified trading company (BBB Certified Company).
    • We have high availability. We attend to cleaning emergencies 24/7.

    Benefits Of Hiring Professional Church Cleaning Services


    Cleaning does not have to be one more task among all those that already have to be done. There are other more important things like serving the community and planning the following activities with the church members.

    When you have a cleaning company, you can be confident that your cleaning needs will be done in full.

    1. Healthy parishioners

    By doing a deep cleaning with a professional company, you ensure that the facilities are well cleaned which helps to take care of the health of the parishioners.

    With this advanced cleaning, you prevent the accumulation of dust and mold that can cause respiratory diseases.

    It is common in these spaces that people frequently touch any surface, which is easy for the spread of viruses. The cleaning staff prevents this from happening by disinfecting these surfaces that last for several days.


    Due to the high daily traffic of people in your religious building, the floors can get stains and dirt that produce germs. A commercial cleaning company has the equipment to remove these stains and wax floors to make them look better.

    In addition, the service includes Carpet Shampoo and Steam Cleaning to remove dust so children can sit on the floor without worrying about their health.


    The bathrooms are places of high contagion and spread of germs. Even if a church has a person in charge of cleaning, this is not enough to completely disinfect the surfaces of the bathrooms.

    A professional cleaning team has the necessary products to make safety a reality.


    Some kitchens have a kitchen or dining room for community events.

    This area is full of utensils and objects that can be touched by several people and it is there that the spread of germs and bacteria is also easy.

    Cleaning with a rag and soap is not enough for deep cleaning. A cleaning crew will know how to remove stains, eliminate bacteria, and sanitize the various surfaces and equipment in your kitchen.

    When hiring us, we take care of analyzing your areas of need. Then we do the deep cleaning of your religious building until it is completely clean to protect your parishioners.

    We provide the best Religious and Building Church Cleaning Services in the Greater Houston Area, Dallas, Austin, and Texas Valley.

    What our clients say...

    Lifepath Church

    Great cleaning company! Wonderful service and communication is top notch. We have used several companies in the past and Star Building Services is by far the best.

    Carlos Rubi

    Best services for comercial cleaning. I recommend their services without hesitation. Their management is great and their turn around time is satisfactory. I have used many companies in the past but by far this is the best one.

    Chris Jobes

    Very responsive and consistent service. Been using them for 2 years.

    Syed Hadi Jaffery

    I am using Star for janitorial services at a large child care center. They did a deep clean before beginning a 3 day janitorial service. They also did a stripe and wax for the tile flooring. There were some hiccups as we got started and I would encourage to discuss expectations a few times over with the owner, management and cleaning crew, but overall I would recommend this company to use and have rated them as 5 stars due to my satisfaction with the cleanliness of my center.

    Sebastian Gonzalez

    Great service, requested a quote came out the same day and received my estimate. Once scheduled , employees were very professional and did a great job on the floors. Our floors haven’t looked this good in years!!

    AKILES 789

    I hired Star building Services for a Post Construction Clean up and they did an awsome job. Great service, professional crew. If you need a great company you can trust, they are the team you need.

    Miriam Rosen

    We hired Star Building Service to complete a deep cleaning of our restaurant kitchen. They came on time and did a thourough job. We will definitely use this service again and will recommend this company.

    Heather Davis

    Star building services has been excellent to work with. They are very professional, personable, and do great work. They kept my business clean for years and have always been very easy to deal with. I would highly recommend them.

    Trey Edwards

    We have had a great experience with Star Building Services over the last glide years. They have provided a much higher quality service than others that we have used in the past. Bonnie is phenomenal! Quick, attentive, and eager to solve any needs that we have.

    Cathi Hohlt

    Star Building Services has done wonders with our weekly office cleaning. We are always pleased with Bonnie's quick personal responses. They are easy to work with and always do a good job. Thanks for keep us clean!!


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