Star Building offers a wide range of commercial and professional janitorial services in Houston and other solutions, such as care, building maintenance, and restoration according to the needs expressed by our customers which Star Building priority and objective is to provide the highest quality and best results to our clients.

We offer our services to the following facilities: Offices / Office Buildings / Medical Groups / Retail Stores / Theaters / Banks / Religious Institutions / Schools / Financial Institutions / Restaurants / Government Facilities / Hotels / Airports / Country Clubs / Sports Facilities
...and more!

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Without a doubt, this service is the fundamental of all other janitorial services. The service is responsible for the cleaning and sanitation of private or public office locations.

We at Star Building Services know that a clean and neatly office environment is conducive to production, comfort and emotional stability to their occupants and visitors.

Office spaces these days may include state of the art facilities such as wellness centers, maternity rooms, game centers, coffee rooms and much more. Our hiring and training processes stick to your requirements guaranteeing that the cleaning of your facility is fully satisfied... Clic for more!

Among the most critical of all commercial environments, restaurants are at the center of our attention and at the center of the attention of governmental health departments across the state of Texas.

We offer an extensive array of services to restaurants of all styles and settings, large, small and in the middle. Based on our specialized training, our staff is capable of re-freshen the most demanding conditions of a dining area.

We offer tailored services with the frequency most convenient to the needs of your facility... Clic for more!

When it comes to flooring, either concrete, composite and some ceramic tiles need protection against grease, scratching and other foreign agents destroying the surface of your flooring.

At Star Building Services we have the technology, the knowledge and the exact product for the precise application ensuring the protection and the presentation of your flooring.

Because not all waxes have been created equal, it is of the most significance importance to have the experience and the knowledge, as we do, in the selection and application of floor products, stripping sealers and the application of protection to your floors... Clic for more!

CoIt is known and accepted by most of the office and home designers that carpets enhance location appearance, color blending and style trending.

However, for us at Star Building Services, carpets are at the center of our attention as they become collectors of dust, carpet mites and other agents that may turn against the health of building residents and visitors.

We offer year-round programs of extraction and sanitation of carpets through specialized equipment with the solely objective of preserving customers wellness and extending the midlife of your carpets. Stain removal, carpet shampoo and carpet extraction are at the center of our services... Clic for more!

Without a doubt, one of the critical enemies of any commercial facility: Dust. Star Building Services has offered for several years, with great success, the services of High Dusting.

The removal of all dust particles and cobwebs from walls and ceilings, structures, air conditioning main and secondary ducts, grills, cables, light fixtures and much more.

The process assures a re-new and dust-free environment offering superior conditions to all activities. In most cases, an over-night process that brings the admiration of locals and visitors... Clic for more!

For many customers considered to be an Impossible Mission accomplished by Star Building Services.This service takes a chaotic space transforming it into a well-organized office space ready for the arrival of its occupants.

With sparkling glasses, polished floors, carpets shampooed, totally dust free, desks and office equipment set and ready, this service, tailor to your need, is truly the transformation of a jumbled condition into a pristine production-ready space.

The one-day transformation process that amazes our customers every single time, again and again... Clic for more!

Before opening to your public and customers the place is to be as neat and tied as possible.

Star Building Services has the expertise, the methodology and the human power to make sure your business space looks exactly as you have planned and anticipated.

With practically dozens and dozens of experiences, we will perform a Post Construction Cleanup service based on a tailored set of specifications assuring the environment under our responsibility is transformed into the space you have planned and visualized... Clic for more!

To countless building professionals and architects, windows and glasses are recognized to be the soul of buildings. At Star Building Services, we are fully equipped and trained to reanimate those windows and interior glasses becoming to be the dominant feature of your environment once again.

With specialized technicians armed with product-specific to each solution, we will recover the spotless beauty of those glasses and windows.

A window-glass service program is the foundation of achieving a year-round superior presentation and pristine condition... Clic for more!

Occasionally dirt, mildew and other materials and substances have penetrated the natural grooves of surfaces from cement to concrete, from metal to plastic and more.

Star Building Services offers several solutions recovering the original surface conditions by applying a blast of high-pressure water stream that varies from intensity based on the material or substance addressed by the procedure.

Our technicians have been trained to produce outstanding results at the same time offering a considerable cost-effective process... Clic for more!

Flooding, fire, tree falling, water pipe bursting, and many more unexpected events of life could represent a showstopper to all business activities.

When these unfortunate situations appear, solutions are to be presented almost immediately regardless of time, day and season. Star Building Services offers recovery from emergencies 24 hours 7 days per week all year long.

A speedy reaction to an emergency could represent a difference between a prompt recovery to reopen activities or a sluggish doubtful process incapacitating your business to reopen. Star Building Services will be with you step by step during those difficult hours... Clic for more!