3. Retail - Retail Cleaning Services in Houston

Retail Store Cleaning Services in Houston

With our retail cleaning services, we deliver special cleaning solutions to multiple of the most well-known retailers in Texas, Star Building Services sets out the standards to follow.

Commercial cleaning services and retail store cleaning are offered by Star Building Services. First Impressions are very important. The prestigious appearance of your retail store can help you secure that your customers will always come back.

Customers quickly judge the quality of your products, services and brand by the appearance and smell of your facility – especially your restrooms. Attention to detail is essential with our commercial cleaning services.

Customer-facing environments provide a host of surfaces where illness-causing germs can linger, increasing the risk of transmission to the next employee or customer who touches them.

Poor hand-washing by staff members and customers can easily spread germs from restrooms to other areas such as displays, products, surfaces and check-out counters.

Employee break rooms, computers and terminals, door handles, telephones, and other high-touch surfaces harbor the most germs.

Identifying and properly cleaning these high-contaminate areas through a hygienic cleaning program provides a safer environment for customers, while also helping to reduce workplace illness and employee absenteeism.

A stunning performance within this segment of the market demands a machine-like organization and a small army of well-trained personnel coordinated to the minute along a communication system based on today’s technology.


2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonStripping and Waxing

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonWarehouse vacuuming

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonConcrete Refinishing, Concrete Polishing and Restoration Services

Hard Surface Floor Care

Maintenance and Refinishing of Vinyl Tiles,  Composition, Ceramic and Terrazzo Floors and much more.

We provide a full range of Retail Store Cleaning in the Houston and metro area including Katy, Sugar Land, Bellaire, Spring and The Woodlands Texas:

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonFacility Management

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonRegular Building, Retail Store Maintenance, Cleaning Office Buildings

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonScheduled Maintenance Programs

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonHandyman Maintenance Services

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonBuilding Inspections

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonBulb/Lamp and Ballast Replacements

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonFilter Replacements

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonCeiling and Floor Tile Repair

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonFixture Relocation and Assembly

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonDoor Repairs

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonCarpentry

2b50 - Retail Cleaning Services in HoustonPainting

Basic Plumbing

Basic Electrical

Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Care

Vaccuming and Dusting

Cleaning appliances and fixtures

Trash removal

This is What Our Clients Say About Our Services:

Lifepath Church

Great cleaning company! Wonderful service and communication is top notch. We have used several companies in the past and Star Building Services is by far the best.

Carlos Rubi

Best services for comercial cleaning. I recommend their services without hesitation. Their management is great and their turn around time is satisfactory. I have used many companies in the past but by far this is the best one.

Chris Jobes

Very responsive and consistent service. Been using them for 2 years.

Syed Hadi Jaffery

I am using Star for janitorial services at a large child care center. They did a deep clean before beginning a 3 day janitorial service. They also did a stripe and wax for the tile flooring. There were some hiccups as we got started and I would encourage to discuss expectations a few times over with the owner, management and cleaning crew, but overall I would recommend this company to use and have rated them as 5 stars due to my satisfaction with the cleanliness of my center.

Sebastian Gonzalez

Great service, requested a quote came out the same day and received my estimate. Once scheduled , employees were very professional and did a great job on the floors. Our floors haven’t looked this good in years!!


I hired Star building Services for a Post Construction Clean up and they did an awsome job. Great service, professional crew. If you need a great company you can trust, they are the team you need.

Miriam Rosen

We hired Star Building Service to complete a deep cleaning of our restaurant kitchen. They came on time and did a thourough job. We will definitely use this service again and will recommend this company.

Heather Davis

Star building services has been excellent to work with. They are very professional, personable, and do great work. They kept my business clean for years and have always been very easy to deal with. I would highly recommend them.

Trey Edwards

We have had a great experience with Star Building Services over the last glide years. They have provided a much higher quality service than others that we have used in the past. Bonnie is phenomenal! Quick, attentive, and eager to solve any needs that we have.

Cathi Hohlt

Star Building Services has done wonders with our weekly office cleaning. We are always pleased with Bonnie's quick personal responses. They are easy to work with and always do a good job. Thanks for keep us clean!!


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