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Cirque du Zoleil - LUZIA

 Deep Cleaning Service for Cirque du Zoleil

During the stay of the Circus in Houston we were proud to be selected to do the initial cleaning of the Circus. 15 days before the opening to the public, a series of Tasks was done before, during and after the closing to the public.

Deep Cleaning of the Circus Kitchen

This involves washing, scrubbing and drying completely if the interior and exterior of all parts and sections of kitchen trailers are required) Steam extractors, degreasing parts of the floor, strips metal and connections, etc.

Deep cleaning of toilets

his involves basic washing, scrubbing and drying, if necessary, of the interior and exterior of all parts and sections of sanitary trailer # 22. This includes the external floor and sinks for this unit. Once the cleaning is complete, the toilets must be fully stocked (paper and soap) and ready for use.

Daily Cleaning

Clean everything that is necessary (day to day), collect general waste in the place, clean and store regularly the health unit and offices. Sweep and mop daily from main hallways in all event tents. Aspirate all the mats and stain if necessary,

Cleaning Circus Grads

Clean thoroughly the entire floor of the bleachers, using a specialized detergent; As part of this cleaning, all dirt, stains and gum that will be removed from the entire floor surface of the stands, disabled ramps and stairs will be removed. Care must be taken not to use excessive amounts of water during cleaning due to the sensitive electronic and mechanical equipment found in the lower part of the floor area of ​​the stand.

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