star building services helping children in peruvian amazon

Since 2018, the Bible School Mission Project has worked to serve the indigenous communities of the Peruvian Amazon, bringing them the gospel, humanitarian aid, health care, and training through non-formal education.

In November 2021, the missionary team made a trip to the Peruvian Amazon to train and give tools to pastors and leaders of different indigenous communities in the Loreto Region to bring the gospel that is transforming the lives of hundreds of children, youth, and adults.

During the trip, a meeting was held with 160 Ticuna youth and 50 pastors and leaders from different indigenous communities in the region where a community dining room was set up for 3 days to serve 120 children each day.

STAR BUILDING SERVICES, by being part of this project, contributed with a donation that allowed to generate a growth impact in the development of this mission.

And this was the impact achieved:


  • 86 leaders and pastors.
  • 115 children.
  • 148 youth.


  • 12 communities.
  • 2 ethnic groups.
  • 2 countries.
  • 17 baptisms.


  • +1500 plates of food.
  • 305 pairs of shoes.
  • 12 family kitchen kits
  • 1 set of equipment for the community dining room.

The donations have been fundamental to continue transforming the lives of hundreds of indigenous people in the Peruvian and Colombian Amazon jungles.

We hope to continue contributing to improving the lives of many to have a more promising society.

These children and our company would like to thank all of you and MEB Corporation because this has been possible thanks to the trust that the commercial and business sector of Houston has placed in us.

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