Fall cleaning tips for offices and commercial buildings


Fall is a common season when businesses get dirty from dust and this affects many people who can be affected by respiratory illnesses. That is why it is important to keep your facilities clean to avoid the spread of these diseases and thus, productivity is not affected. 👌🏻✅

Here are some Fall Cleaning Tips 1f341 - FALL CLEANING TIPS FOR OFFICES AND COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS1f342 - FALL CLEANING TIPS FOR OFFICES AND COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS . If you follow the advice that we have shared, your facilities can be kept intact from dirt, you protect your workers and customers, and at the same time, you take care of the image of your company.

1. Cleaning of Electronics and Lighting Fixtures: 🖥️🖨️

All the electronics, gadgets, and lighting fixtures in the #office should be cleaned every couple of days as they can accumulate a lot of dust if not cleaned for a while. You might make use of a duster or clean with a disinfectant solution to clean the keyboards, mouse, calculators, etc. 

2. Taking Care of Office Plants:🌱🌿

If there are any office plants, water regularly, cut out any dry leaves, and watch out for any corrosion or disease. If the plants are artificial, then clean them by dusting or washing the leaves and flowers on regular basis.

3. Important! Look Out for Hidden Dangers: 🚫✋🏻

While cleaning your office space, don't forget to look out for hidden dangers for your own and your employee's safety. Keep an eye out for loose or naked wires, jagged objects, and several other things that can result in serious injuries. Use cleaning utensils and if it is necessary to use only your hands, wear protective gloves.

4. Floor Cleaning: 🧹🧽🪣

Floors suffer a lot of wear and tear during the day that’s why it’s important to pay utmost attention to them. If you have carpets all around the office, vacuum them on regular basis to keep them clean and if you have tiles or linoleum, then mop it regularly to maintain their shine. Use suitable floor cleaners to get good results.

5. Empty Trash Bins and Waste Baskets: 🗑️🦠🚫

You should always remove trash from your office at the end of the day, particularly the trash in the cafeteria and the wastebasket near your desk (if you have a bin near your desk). By doing this, you will be keeping harmful bacteria at bay.

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