how to avoid restaurant fines

According to the American health society, one of the most common complaints and laws sues from clients to restaurants comes from diseases caused by the meals.

Most people don’t know how to clean properly and waste a lot of money and time cleaning supplies that are not the best to fully clean a kitchen, which ends up being the most important area in a restaurant.

Here you are going to find some tips to avoid restaurant fines and stop wasting money.

Steaming is one of the most useful techniques in the cleaning area, it brings a lot of benefits, is Eco-friendly, and saves a lot of money.

Use the Steaming Technique and get all its benefits:


1. Eco-friendly and sparkly clean

If you love sparkling clean, hygienic floors but hate the mess and hassle of mopping and scrubbing, the steam technique is the perfect solution for you.  Steam is quick and easy to use and is completely environmentally friendly as you can use just steam and no other products to kill and lift germs.


2. Sanitized

The high temperature that a steamer creates will break down grease and grime, and kills bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens.

Steam cleaners are excellent for freshening up curtains and upholstery and Steam is also great for eliminating odors from steel and removing creases in seconds.


3. It is not toxic

The steaming technique keeps away the horrible and expensive cleaning chemicals, it is essential to maintain your food away from anything that can contaminate it, so choosing a cleaning technique such as steaming is the right path to avoid any food poisoning.


4. Reduce cleaning time

The steaming technique makes you save money and earn time, it makes a better job in less time, is going to improve your team productivity and that will reflect in your client’s food. Keeping your restaurant clean, especially your kitchen is going to ensure the success of your restaurant.


5. Takes care of your steel

Your restaurant kitchen is almost 90% made of steel, and the chemicals used in the cleaning products reduce the life use of your steel by almost half. The steaming technique helps you to take care of your kitchen. Steaming is your best ally to keeping clean and sanitizing your restaurant and in the long term avoid that your kitchen gets damaged.

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